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** Aliveness, peace and balance are birthrights of every human being **

Riitta Ojala-Lipman MA, LPC, BC-DMT

303. 443. 1290    302 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO 80302
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BalanceWorks Boulder Mission

To support and facilitate the holistic healing of individuals, couples, families, groups and systems.

Healing happens when there is movement or shift in physical, emotional, mental, energetic, or spiritual levels.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom
-- Ana´s Nin

Riitta Ojala-Lipman

Allow me to support you on your path of growth and change.

Maybe you want to change old habits -- eating, relationships, addictions.
Maybe you are going through changes -- divorce, death, job change etc.
Or you just want to feel better.
These are all good reasons to call me to move forward.

Difficult times are often important opportunities for transformation.

I offer a free initial consultation. We can meet - or talk on the phone - and get to know each other and answer any questions you may have.

We can explore your challenge, not just with words, but go deeper beyond words through connecting to your body, emotions and spirit. Once we have explored feelings and patterns around the identified challenge, we can look at the bigger picture of your life. We can address all or some of the following topics:
What is holding you back from being balanced, happy and fully alive?
How can you create a life (relationship, work, etc) you want?
What is it, deep inside, that you really want?
How can you find success (in your definition of success)?

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