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Grief Journey Support Groups

Loss of a loved one, a relationship, a home or a job are all major life transitions where we need time, resources and support to work through the grieving process so it can become a transformational growth opportunity.

Unexpressed grief is very common phenomenon in our culture where we don't have models, rituals or time for mourning. Unexpressed grief can cause a multitude of physical and emotional illnesses as well as create behaviors that mask our true feelings (i.e. addictions). Ignored grief is a burden to our bodies, minds and spirits.

Grief is a journey to an unknown territory. Facing the darkness alone can feel intimidating; it can be overwhelming. Traveling alone, there is a risk of not completing the journey. We need support and courage to embark on the Grief Journey. Letting our hearts mourn cleanses the soul; committing to fully present awareness with our feelings is the direct path to a mourning process that will lead to healing. For most people, the other side holds more joy than could have been imagined.

Riitta feels a special calling to be a compassionate companion and guide on the Grief Journey. She uses movement, art, writing and talking to support the healing process. She facilitates both individual grief work as well as Grief Support Groups. Her approach includes witnessing with the heart and meeting feelings with love.

Call to find out when the next Grief Journey Support Group will be starting.

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"You must listen to the music of the past so you can sing in the present and dance into the future." Alan Wolfelt

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