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Moving Cycle

My training in the Somatic Psychology Department of Naropa University allowed me to submerge myself in study with Christine Caldwell, creator of a Body Centered paradigm called “Moving Cycle”. After graduating I was a teaching assistant for Christine Caldwell teaching the Moving Cycle. I also did trainings and supervision with her. I am deeply grateful for having the Moving Cycle as my personal and professional tool that supports, guides and inspires me every day.

I have been teaching workshops about Moving Cycle theory and practice in Europe. I think it is very valuable for all kinds of psychotherapists to learn about Moving Cycle, and how to apply it to their work with their clients as well as how to do the important task of self care with themselves. The skills of Moving Cycle have not only allowed me to do deep quality work with my clients but also taught me how to work in psychotherapy full time without getting burned out. Additionally I am inspired by some Dance/Movement Therapy modalities that I also use in my work with my clients.

Moving Cycle theory.

Moving Cycle is a process oriented model for Body Centered Psychotherapy. It is very present centered, focusing on the truth of the moment. Even if it sees healing as cycles and spirals, it has no agenda on how, when and why these cycles occur. It uses breath, body awareness and movement to create spaces between our thoughts so we can connect to deeper levels of information beyond the cognitive. Movement Cycle addresses and works on the emotional, physical, energetic, cognitive, and spiritual bodies. Each “body” has its own form of awareness and each of them can be worked with to achieve deeper healing.

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Moving Cycle spirals through these four facets of the healing process.

Awareness is the beginning of the healing cycle when we identify issues or feelings. We wake up to something or acknowledge what is. Part of us can witness the other part of us that is experiencing. That way we are able to be aware of the current experience and we can name it. Physical sensations are great landmarks for us paying attention to what is happening. Awareness gives us information about the truth in the moment.

In the Owning phase we tell the truth about our feelings instead of blaming. We take responsibility for what we are aware of, which is the only way to do something about it. We are committed in staying with an experience, not running away from it. We usually need support in this, because it is easier to blame others or to run away (through denial, using substances, etc.) than being willing to be fully responsible for our own feelings. Owning is a way to reclaim our personal power and to access the fuel for transformation.

The Appreciation is about accepting whatever experience we are having and riding it. Acceptance and compassion can help us forgive and start to love ourselves and the world again. Often in the body this feels like a deep emotional release, something shifts. We can access our ability to problem solve, adapt, grow and evolve.

Action is about integrating and practicing what we have learned on our journey so far. We are able to make new, healthier choices as well as practice new habits and skills. Something is different about how we use our feelings, thoughts and bodies. We feel inner healing and usually want to contribute to the healing of our environment in one way or another.

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